Attention Residents of the Village of Beecher and Washington Township
By Fire Chief Joe Falaschetti
March 13, 2020

Your local governments; the Village of Beecher, Washington Township, and Beecher School District officials have been meeting with the Beecher Police Department and Beecher Fire Departments to further discuss the recent developments concerning COVID-19. We are participating in all conference calls with Governor Pritzker, the City of Chicago and the Illinois Department of Public Health concerning the COVID-19 virus. Information is constantly changing. In an effort to keep all of our residents in the Village and Township fully informed, we recommend that you visit the following websites for updated information and advice on limiting your activities and taking precautions to protect all our citizens, especially those most vulnerable (seniors and those individuals with underlying health conditions.) PLEASE FOLLOW THEIR ADVICE!

Briefly, any exposure to groups or crowds should be limited if not prohibited. If possible, those that are hosting these events should consider canceling or postponing their events until further notice.

Follow recommendations to avoid close contact with individuals who are sick. Wash your hands often, use hand sanitizers, and disinfect commonly used spaces or objects. Avoid shaking hands and practice social distancing.

We also are asking for your help by checking on your friends, neighbors, and relatives; especially senior citizens to determine if they need supplies, necessities, or are otherwise in need of assistance.

If we all work together as a team, we can limit the effects and the spread of this virus. Thank you for your help and support!