Press Release - Structure Fire 260 W. Delite Inn Rd
By Fire Chief Joe Falaschetti
May 24, 2023

At approximately 09:35am on Wednesday, May 24th, 2023, the Beecher Fire Protection District, along with automatic aid, responded to a structure fire at 260 W. Delite Inn Rd. Due to multiple calls and reports of horses still inside the building, the alarm was escalated to the full still alarm level prior to arrival. The first suppression company arrived on the scene within six minutes of the initial call for service. Crews found a large agricultural building with heavy fire conditions. The alarm was escalated to the MABAS Box Alarm to the second alarm level to bring in additional resources. The advanced fire conditions were posing a threat to the exposure building to the south that was housing more horses. Crews were able to quickly cut an opening in the exposure building. With the assistance of the residents and firefighters, the horses from the exposure building were able to escape. Due to the extensive fire conditions, a defensive operation was declared. Crews deployed several hoselines and portable master streams and performed extensive overhaul to extinguish the fire. The escalation to the MABAS Box Alarm level brought in a total of 9 engine companies, 3 truck/tower ladders, 12 tenders, 4 ambulances, and 11 chief officers. The closest fire hydrant is approximately 4 miles away, which prompted a rural water supply operation to be established and a tender water shuttle to be initiated. 1 firefighter was transported to an area hospital and is expected to be released soon. At this time, it is unknown how many horses have perished in the fire. The origin and cause of the fire are currently under investigation by the fire investigators of the Beecher Fire Protection District and the MABAS 27/24 Origin and Cause Team. Damage estimates are not available at the time of this release.

The Beecher Fire Protection District responded with 1 Engine, 1 Engine/Tender, 2 ambulances, and 1 chief officer.

Multiple agencies were on the scene and at our fire station to cover any additional calls for service during that time. These include Manhattan Fire Protection District, Crete Fire Department, Crete Township Fire Protection District, Grant Park Fire Protection District, Cedar Lake Fire Department, University Park Fire Department, Sauk Village Fire Department, South Chicago Heights Fire Department, Monee Fire Protection District, Lowell Fire Department, Park Forest Fire Department, Steger Fire Department, Matteson Fire Department, Momence Fire Protection District, Manteno Fire Protection District, Frankfort Fire Protection District, Bourbonnais Fire Protection District, Chicago Heights Fire Department, New Lenox Fire Protection District, Mokena Fire Protection District, Kankakee Fire Department, Homer Township Fire Protection District, Lynwood Fire Department, Tinley Park Fire Department, Beecher Public Works, Beecher EMA, Crete EMA, Will County Sheriff’s Office and the MABAS Division 24 Canteen.